Edradour 10yo

For our next review we have took a trip back to the mainland, to the very heart of Scotland. Despite the size of this distillery it is a fairly well-known single malt, and loved by those who enjoy sherry cask maturation. It is of course the Edradour, and today we will be reviewing the 10yo.

Edradour distillery lies in the hills above the Town of Pitlochry, and has been perched there since 1825. In that time they have had no fewer than 30 releases! Not bad for a distillery with a production capacity of around 90,000 litres per year! Owned by the company Signatory since 2002, it was said to be the ‘smallest distillery in Scotland’, though with the huge increase in the number of distilleries being built that title now belongs to Abhainn Dearg (try saying that when you’re drunk… or sober for that matter!). The huge majority of their spirit is bottled as single malt, either as the Edradour or the Ballechin (a peated version). Edradour is known for its sherried-highland style, so without further ado, let the sherry fest begin!


Sweet sherry satisfaction, all the characteristics of Oloroso cask maturation, it’s like reading a sherry manual – sherry, raisins, tannic sweetness, spice and nuts, it’s just fantastic. With time it develops into a much sweeter dram with more vanilla and toffee, and bags of crushed almonds chucked in on top.


For being bottled at the minimum 40% ABV it is quite a strong, spirity feeling whisky, it also has a very thick, heavy and dry mouthfeel too it, just adding 3 or 4 drops of water really opens this whisky up. On the palate there’s loads of spice, cinnamon, pepper and sweet toasted oak. This gradually fades away leaving sticky sweet golden syrup, raisins and fresh brewed tea.


The finish is medium in length, fairly drying also with that toasted oak again, malted barley and sugared almonds. With a higher ABV and without being chill-filtered we agree that the finish on this would be amazing!

Well, there we have it, the Edradour 10yo, a very decent drop of whisky. Everyone loves a sherried whisky now and again and this one has had some excellent maturation which shows in the product. It may be slightly over priced; usually coming in at around £40, but it is still a great malt. If you ever see this on offer definitely buy a bottle to try it, or 6, you won’t be disappointed!


Gary & Steven


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